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Mar 17, 2020 7:32:53 PM / by James Deck

Hello Everybody,

The last several days have been crazy for everybody and I think we have quite some long days ahead of us. We’ve started this blog to help gather as much information as possible in one place and to gather as much feedback from our community as possible. The goal is to help healthcare professionals navigate the changes that are occurring in our industry right now on what seems like a daily basis.

At Curago, we are not marketeers nor are we blogging professionals by any stretch of the imagination. I am sure this blog will not be perfect, but just know we are trying to help. With that said, here are the ground rules (I hear every blog should have some):

1) Be factual.

2) Be kind.

3) Be thoughtful.

4) Be helpful.

5) Be hopeful.

Simple, right? We will try to post every day.

If you would like to submit an article or simply send us information, please email it to coronavirus@curagohealth.com. Word or Google docs are the fastest way for us to post a blog. Also, please cite your sources.

All my best,

James Deck, Founder/CEO

Curago Health

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James Deck

Written by James Deck

James Deck has been an innovator in the healthcare industry for nearly two decades specializing in patient engagement, AI, Pop Health, Value Based Care, cloud and managed IT services.